Georgi Milenov Georgiev was born on 15 August 1984 in Troyan Bulgaria. In 2002 he graduated the Special School for Applied Arts in Troyan. During 2007 he completed his studies at the National Art Academy under the guidance of prof. Krassimir Dzhidrov.

Personal exhibitions:

•Seriakova kushta Gallery, Troyan, BG
•Festa gallery, Sofia, BG

•Art Gallery Dobrich, Dobrich, BG;
•Seriakova kushta Gallery, Troyan, BG;

•Green Cat Gallery, Hotel Crystal Palace, Sofia, BG;
•Green Cat Gallery, Hotel Hilton ,Sofia, BG;
•National Exhibition of crafts and arts, Oreshak, BG;

•Green Cat Gallery, Hotel Arena Di Serdica, Sofia, BG
•U PARK Gallery, Plovdiv, BG;
•Museum of Folk Craft & Applied Arts, Troyan, BG
Exhibition "Grading", Troyan, BG;
•Gallery "DA VINCI", Paris, FR

•Port Prim Art Fest, Burgas, BG
"DVORAT", Vrabevo, Troyan, BG;
•GALLERY "LUCE", Rome, Italy
•Gallery "U PARK", Plovdiv, BG

"DVORAT"Vrabevo, Troyan, BG;

"DVORAT"Vrabevo, Troyan, BG;

When I was a kid I was keen on going to museums. There my favorite activity was staring at the prehistoric Venuse figurines and Greek painted pottery, feeling inspired by the magic called art. I was fascinated. It was more interesting for me than the fairy tales and cartoons. Some years later I had the opportunity to touch clay again and this touch has given me emotion since those days. As well as the whole working process. As I start with piece of clay, which passes through my hands the fire in the ceramics furnace and finally it’s location at the pedestal. While I am doing my work it is a real challenge for me to create the ultimate shape, to play with the proportions and at the end to seek the aesthetics in each curve and every little detail. Up to the moment when I’m able to visualise the piece of art-finalized, when my eyes and mind assume the whole masterpiece as and а utopic shape.

5600 Troyan, Bulgaria
Zdravetz Str. 1
Mobile: +359 878 4000 46
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